CrossFire Introduction

Cross Fire is an Online First Person Shooter Games (FPS) which has a detailed 3D graphics and realistic sound effects. This game has features desired by the player FPS. Starting from a rich assortment of game modes, up to a rich assortment of weapons that can be used. In addition, the game is well adapted to be playable for beginners as well as a master gamer. Wait no more, fight with your friends!.

In the Cross Fire players can choose some special character display unit members who wish to use in combat, ranging from OMOH group of Russian, American police SWAT famous of America, Special Air Service or SAS is already a legend in the British army, or a collection of secret agents SPOP women are beautiful but deadly in the field.

Cross Fire is equipped with dozens of advanced weapons from Israel Desert Eagle pistol, Sub-Machine Gun from the popular German MP5, Styer Aug Rifle A1 the super accurate artificial Austria, flashbang blinding, until the army knife for close combat. Combat missions and will challenge players to keep the adrenaline can defend themselves from attack your opponent while completing the mission. Protect yourself with a jacket and helmet equipment anti-bullet, bomb disposal equipment, until the smoke bombs to confuse the opposing team's outlook.

Ranking system that is in the Cross Fire will further spur the players to continue to enhance and improve the deficiencies in the game play. Starting from an ordinary soldier, spirit and soul of the war the players will deliver the player to become a respected General.