Story of CF - Cross Fire

A number of former soldiers who are members of a Special Forces unit known in the world, joined in the unity of Global Risk, the firm unity of the international volunteer army.

Army of volunteers who carry out difficult missions for the organization, but they have differences with the Black List vandalized just for personal gain. To the exclusion of return for a fee, this volunteer army to fight the main reason is to combat terrorism. Armed with experience and ability, Global Risk is determined to spread his wings. The main clients of Global Risk are third world countries who do not have a national army, a country with a list of terrorist acts, and the UN on a secret mission.

Black List is an organization engaged in the military who have a basic difference lies, that they work for large rewards. Where there are companies or individuals who can afford to pay them high, they will do all the work of "rough" are dangerous, such as blowing up a place or a more specific target is to spread chaos.

Black List is a mercenary organization that supports and execute acts of vandalism.

Its founder is unknown and it is a secret organization. However, they are an organization that is free from regulation of a State. Black List financed by Hedge Fund, a company selling diamonds in a European country. Their clients are generally oppressed nations and the poor.

Global Risk is a military organization with no national identity and a former member of Special Forces soldiers.

Founded by Sir Alex Roid, a retired member of the Air Force's British SAS. Then an American businessman from an Australian, Michael Norman, helped organize this into a business organization. With the basic principle that personal peace and cooperation in the world, Global Risk implement eradication of terrorism by a secret operation.