Characters Cross Fire

OMOH - Russia

[Otryad Militisi Osobogo Naznacheniya]

OMOH also known as the "Black Berets" or also "Mafia Killer". They operate as a Special Police Force in Russia. OMOH founded in 1987 with the aim to resist the action of terrorists and gangsters are rampant in Russia.

Their main task is to stop the smuggling of illegal drugs and violent crime. On October 2002, rebels took hostages Czech civilians in a theater in Moscow. OMOH at that time on duty to take over security and rescue the hostages.

SAS - British

[Special Air Services]

Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit in the Army Force of Great Britain has become a model and inspiration for a variety of special forces in other countries.

SAS is also very famous in the world for their skill and ability in subduing the opponent down to a wide range of operations .. SAS is famous for its selection and recruitment process is super tight. SAS is responsible for resolving conflicts associated with the England international.

S.W.A.T - United States

[Special Weapon And Tactics]

In early 1960, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and the FBI started a joint military organization systems to cope with the rising crime rate in Los Angeles. The result was the creation of SWAT (Special Weapon And Tactics). Dary F. Gates, commander of the LAPD SWAT was awarded with the formation and subsequent growing.

In 1971, SWAT became an organization with a permanent structure: a small unit consisting of six soldiers, and the middle unit consists of 60 soldiers. The contribution of charm and inviting their admiration at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.


[Special Operational Pursuit Personnell]

SPOP is a special unit established to combat terrorist activities and threats seriously. They are known for high pay in return for his services.

GSG9 - Germany

[Grenzshutzgruppe 9]
GSG9 is the unity of the German Special Police, formed upon reaction of the terrorist attacks Munich Olympics in 1972.Spesialisasi GSG9 include hostage rescue operations, domestic terrorism, and law enforcement.

In the game, each character will feature two different pieces of the costume, one of which is a costume that is used when playing as a Black List and another costume that is used when playing as the Global Risk.