Cross Fire Features

Game mode varied
Missions such as blasting and penjinakkan bombs, hunting without stopping, and the elimination of the challenge mode, accompanied by a unique new mode of "Ghost Mode" Cross Fire makes different from other FPS games.

Weapons for All
Complete with the latest weapons, from the pistol until Riffle with high caliber, or Sniper Riffle to erode an opponent with one shot. Flashbang use to make enemies panic. Protect the body from enemy bullets with jackets and helmets anti-missile.

Ranking System
Start your struggling from the start as Soldiers, and gaining a higher rank until you become a general with all his heart, where the other soldiers will respect you.


Dozens Map for Controlled
Oil pipe band in Turkey, Nazi military regime's laboratory, the missile base in Mexico, the military post in Alaska, until the battle in the heart of Monaco, master secret ways to attack the enemy in bergerilya.

Clan System
In the Clan you would feel different playing experience. Terkuatmu a team, learn the tactics of precision in attack and defense in the team, master strategic points, and be a winner. Combined with Clan friends, or create your Clan with a role as a leader. Choice is in your hands.

Voice Over Bahasa Indonesia
Cross Fire instead of using an English voice messaging features, will also be equipped with voice mail feature Bahasa Indonesia. Voicemail is implemented at Command Radio, Broadcast Map, and Broadcast Mission.